Moray Firth Tracking Project: Predator Studies

Initial findings from the Moray Firth Tracking Project have identified that our smolts are more commonly going missing in still waters. During the final year of this project, we are looking more closely at predator behaviour in and around lochs and canals. In addition to using eDNA to sample bird and mammalian predators, such as cormorants and otters, we will also be monitoring two likely fish predators: brown trout and pike. We will be monitoring the behaviour of these likely…


eDNA Sampling on the River Boyne

Building on the development of genetic probes (or assays) to identify the presence of Atlantic salmon and brown trout DNA… More

Celebrating World Rivers Day

Yesterday we celebrated World Rivers Day, a day devoted to the celebration of the world’s waterways. “Rivers are the lifeblood… More

Channel 5 News Feature

Our friends on the Spey react to the Missing Salmon Project… Watch the feature from Channel 5 news in full… More

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