Putting wild salmon first

Through stimulating research and sound science, the Atlantic Salmon Trust is the foremost evidence-based salmon conservation charity in the UK. Fighting to halt the dramatic decline in wild Atlantic salmon stocks, the Trust is on a mission to protect this iconic species and safeguard their future.

We aim to create a thriving future for salmon


Wild salmon are in crisis, with a decline of 70% in just 25 years

We will not sit idly by and watch the demise of this threatened species. Our goal is to understand who, or what is responsible for this catastrophic decline and catalyse the actions needed to reverse it

By bringing together the wealth of information on salmon & their environment, we will implement ground-breaking research to get a better understanding of the issues these wild fish face

To promote better management, our purpose is to inspire those within the conservation community and beyond to take positive action and do what’s best for the future of wild fish


The Moray Firth Tracking Project

One of the largest acoustic tracking projects for salmon in Europe is tracking young salmon smolts further than ever before.

Supporting Salmon is Our Priority

We need to act with urgency as Atlantic salmon do not have the luxury of time.

We need to overcome apathy if we are to make positive changes and help salmon to adapt in this rapidly changing world.

We will continue to put #WildSalmonFirst.

Help us in the fight against salmon decline

Your contribution today will help us inspire the salmon conservationists of tomorrow. Thank you.


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