The President’s Club

Launched in 2017, The President’s Club is a group of key supporters who care deeply about wild Atlantic salmon and wish to play a significant and hands-on role at the Trust.

Your chance to make your mark

We host regular President’s Club meetings to present our projects, our strategy and our scientific research, inviting members to provide feedback on the Trust’s work. This is your opportunity to have a seat at the table and make your voice heard; speaking directly to the scientists and key decision-makers at the AST.

That means, as a member of The President’s Club, you won’t just be contributing to the cause; you will be at the helm, helping to drive the decisions that will secure the best possible future for wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout.

“The AST is conducting research on reasons for smolt and salmon mortality on a scale never seen before in the UK, but that is essential if we are going to try to reverse the recent decline in the survival of this species. The extent of this work could not happen without the support of our President’s Club members. They provide us with the certainty and reliability of funding which allows the team to focus on the hard work that they’re doing.

To all our members, I would like to say a big thank you.”

Earl Percy

About the President’s Club

Major donors of the Trust are asked for a minimum contribution of £5,000 a year for a period of 5 years to join the President’s Club. This important level of funding helps us continue to push ahead with cutting-edge fish tracking projects and catchment-scale restoration initiatives.

Join The President’s Club

To find out more about the unique opportunities that come with membership of The President’s Club, please contact

Meet the President

The President’s Club is hosted by our President, Earl Percy.

Earl Percy grew up in the North East of England, and after catching his first salmon at the age of 8 and spending much of his youth (and a fair amount of his adulthood) on the North Tyne and the Coquet rivers, his passion and interest in the sport and the salmon flourished. By running The President’s Club, he hopes to inspire this same passion in others.

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