What is the Likely Suspects Framework?

The Likely Suspects Framework is part of the Trust’s plan to help our salmon adapt in this rapidly changing world. This project focuses on understanding the mechanisms behind the declines in wild stocks and partitioning the losses amongst possible “suspects”. By balancing an evidence-led approach with the requirements for effective management, the value of this Framework is in providing science-based initiatives to identify which vital actions are needed to ensure the future abundance of this iconic species.

We believe, alongside our partners within the Missing Salmon Alliance, that this approach is vitally important for salmon. It moves us towards more dynamic management, that accounts for linkage and responses across the whole of the salmon life cycle,  and includes a clear focus on the key factors influencing marine survival. We need to know how our actions in freshwater play a role in influencing the marine survival of salmon, and how to forecast survival scenarios that can be used to most efficiently direct our future management and conservation efforts.

The Likely Suspects Framework is an ambitious project that embraces new technology,  big data opportunities, and international collaboration to drive forward our efforts to save Atlantic salmon.

To find out more about the Likely Suspects Framework & the Missing Salmon Alliance, www.missingsalmonalliance.org

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