World Fish Migration Day

Celebrating the importance of free-flowing rivers and migratory fish, World Fish Migration Day is a one-day event, connecting fish, rivers, and people. On World Fish Migration Day thousands of organisations and communities organise and share their events to excite those within the community (and beyond) and educate them about the value of migratory fish. To view all events and to learn more about what is taking place on World Fish Migration Day (24th October) visit the World Fish Migration Day website.…


Call to Anglers: Farmed Fish Escapes

Following the recent escape of farmed fish from Carradale North salmon farm, Fisheries Management Scotland is asking all anglers who… More

Thank You FishPal!

Chief Executive of FishPal and AST Ambassador, Mark Cockburn, joined our Mark Bilsby to make an ever so kind donation… More

eDNA Sampling on the River Boyne

Building on the development of genetic probes (or assays) to identify the presence of Atlantic salmon and brown trout DNA… More

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