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Celebrating World Rivers Day

Yesterday we celebrated World Rivers Day, a day devoted to the celebration of the world’s waterways.

“Rivers are the lifeblood to our iconic salmon. Because of this salmon are almost uniquely placed to tell us about the health of our waters – in short they are an aquatic canary.  Unfortunately, this aquatic canary has stopped singing and is clearly telling us that all is not well.

Our Moray Firth Tracking Programme is now well underway and the project focuses on seven rivers throughout the Moray Firth, where 20% of UK’s salmon smolts pass through. The findings from this work will help identify where and why salmon are dying and give our generation the opportunity to save the species before it’s too late.

However, the biggest threat to salmon though is apathy and on World Rivers Day (and every other day!) we are urging people, whether from government, industry or from the riverbank,  to help look after these waters so that salmon can thrive again.”

Mark Bilsby, Atlantic Salmon Trust’s Chief Executive Officer

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