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The West Coast Tracking Project: What We Know So Far

The West Coast Project was launched in 2021 by the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Fisheries Management Scotland and Marine Scotland Science who are working in partnership to advance our understanding of the marine migratory distribution of wild Atlantic salmon across the West Coast of Scotland with the ultimate aim of supporting wild fish populations.

We are delighted to share a short animation that details what we have learned from this ambitious project so far.

These preliminary findings are a huge step forward in understanding how our young salmon smolts navigate through our rivers and coastal waters heading towards the “smolt highway” to reach their feeding grounds.

All the information collected, over the course of this project, will then be used to inform policymakers and help them to shape, develop and implement practical, real-world policies which will make a difference to the survival of our salmon.

For further information on the West Coast Tracking Project click here

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