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The Last Salmon – New Podcast Set to Launch

Atlantic Salmon Trust ambassador, Jim Murray, launches new podcast to inspire action for wild Atlantic salmon.

The Last Salmon is a new podcast hosted by renowned actor and Atlantic Salmon Trust ambassador, Jim Murray (Apple TV’s Masters of the air, Netflix’s The Crown), and award-winning producer, author, and fly-fishing podcast host, Daire Whelan.

The Last Salmon is available on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and other podcast providers from 8th March 2024 and features a star-studded guest list of salmon scientists, activists, and familiar household names including Yvon Chouinard, Paul Whitehouse and Dominic West (who also starred in our recent film Cold Clean Water). Hosts Jim Murray, also founder of Activist Anglers, and Daire Whelan aim to provide an international, 360° platform to the plight of wild Atlantic salmon.

“Atlantic salmon are not only the holy grail for any discerning angler, they are also a keystone species and a living barometer for the health of our rivers and oceans. The Last Salmon explores with fresh gusto the plethora of man-made challenges the silver King of Fish faces in arguably its final bid to find cold, clean water before the species is lost forever.”

Jim Murray

Entertaining an illustrious guest list, The Last Salmon is set to host thought-provoking conversations with top-tier salmon scientists (e.g. Professor Ken Whelan, Professor Phil McGinnity), international activists (e.g. Alexandra Morton, Mikael Frödin), global entrepreneurs (e.g. Yvon Chouinard, Charles Clover) and household angler names (e.g. Paul Whitehouse, Dominic West, and Matt Harris).

Jim and Daire’s passion for their subject, not just as anglers but as conservationists and parents concerned for their children’s future, drives each episode of The Last Salmon with an authenticity and trademark humour, infusing the listener with renewed encouragement to link arms and mobilise the global fight for wild salmon.

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