AST Responds to SEPA Sea Lice Consultation

Earlier this year we announced our intention to respond in detail to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's (SEPA) proposals for Wild Salmon Protection Zones on the West Coast of Scotland. Our formal, detailed and technical response was submitted to SEPA on 15th September 2023. Our response is framed around two key themes: 1. commitments the Scottish Government has made, and 2. a set of Guiding Principles. These elements are detailed below. Scottish Government Commitments Commitment 1. Ministerial commitment to ‘Prioritise…


Let’s Talk About Aquaculture

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Red Skin Disease in wild Atlantic salmon

Fisheries Management Scotland has been receiving reports of Atlantic salmon exhibiting signs of red ‘rash’, bleeding and/or ulceration. Fisheries Management… More

Call to Anglers: Farmed Fish Escapes

Following the recent escape of farmed fish from Carradale North salmon farm, Fisheries Management Scotland is asking all anglers who… More

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