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The Dance of Life – A story about the spawning salmon on the River Liffey, Ireland

River Liffey Stories animates the fascinating heritage of the River Liffey, from source to sea, via a series of short films and a dedicated Facebook page. The Liffey runs through Dublin, which is one of the few capitals in the world to have wild salmon running by the city centre. Beautifully produced by Bailey & Blake Film Productions, each film of the series delves into a specific themed story and uncovers aspects of the local hidden biology and heritage associated with the River Liffey.

The Dance of Life shows spawning salmon in the Rye Water, a tributary of the Liffey, in mid-winter. Our Research Director, Professor Ken Whelan, is joined by his friend Des Chew of Inland Fisheries Ireland. Both discuss the plight of the Liffey salmon, which have declined steeply in numbers due to a range of modern-day pressures, such as: fish passage, invasive species, water flow regulation, and also poor marine survival of wild salmon smolts at sea.

Thanks to the County Kildare Heritage Office for supporting and funding this episode of the River Liffey Stories.

Other episodes in the series are supported by the County Wicklow Heritage Office.

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