Salmon and sea trout are more than just a fish. It is vital that we do more to understand and protect them.

The Trust’s work concentrates on improving our knowledge of these fish, their habitats, and their complex and fascinating life histories so that they can be managed sustainably and conserved for future generations.

The AST has helped support many projects over the years with funding to research being undertaken by other organisations that apply to the AST for funding. In recent years the Trust has focused its efforts on learning more about salmon at sea, in particular their migration routes and causes of their increased decline.

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Project: Understanding pelagic by-catch For some time there has been concern about the level of the accidental… More
Aquaculture Useful Information / News: In May 2020, the Salmon Interactions Working Group (SIWG) published a report which made 42… More
The Likely Suspects Framework is part of the Trust’s plan to help our salmon adapt in this rapidly changing world. … More
The Trust’s sea trout research programme is based on the recommendations of the Sea Trout Workshop we organised in 2011…. More
Genetic Analysis Projects Analysis of the DNA of salmon and trout is a valuable technique that is helping to answer… More
The Laxford Sea Trout Tracking project is a collaborative project with West Sutherland Fisheries Trust, University of Glasgow, AST and… More
The 2011 Sea trout Workshop pointed out that ‘ Research into anadromy would be simpler if it was possible to… More
The rivers Stiffkey & Glaven in North Norfolk have abundant, though patchy distributions of brown trout. Sea trout have been… More
The Celtic Sea Trout Project (CSTP) was a large EU funded international collaborative project looking into the status, distribution, genetics… More
This project involves the tagging of sea trout taken in sweep nets in bays and estuaries in the Outer Hebrides…. More
Salmon and sea trout are keystone species in aquatic habitats in peatland catchments, occupying the top of the food chain…. More
As part of the Acoustic Tracking Programme the AST provides support to other organisations conducting or wishing to conduct research… More

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